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Exciting News!
4th Trimester package coming this Spring!

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Like Having A


In The Family

I want to provide the type of care I would want for my children. The Central Valley is my home, and I imagined an office that felt more like a home than an office. Balduzzi Pediatrics is a concierge-style, membership-based practice. That means I work with you, not for insurance companies or big corporations.

Just you!

 Parents do so much and know so much about their kids that I want to have the time to understand what’s working and what’s not — fully. I want to be there for the worries, to hold your hand and walk you through it, and to be there for the laughs. It’s how medicine should be; personalized family care where the doctor is a part of the family and someone you trust.  


What Makes Balduzzi Pediatrics Unique

Pediatrician in the Family

You will have a private number to access me via text, voice, or video—with a user friendly electronic medical record portal for accessible labs, appointments and messages.

Pediatrician in the Family
Pediatrician in the Family

Limited Practice Size

In order to provide the highest quality personalized care, I will only accept a limited number of families.

Limited Practice

Customized Appointments

No waiting room! Extended and detailed appointments with yours truly. Unlimited visits with same-day access. Visits can occur in a private home-like office, at your home or via your cell phone for convenience. 

Customized Appointments

Continuity of Care

I am the only pediatrician you will see, ensuring things aren't missed or overlooked. I will follow through with the minor details of your child's care. With quality care, most urgent care or ER visits can be avoided by saving families money and stress. I will also be available to attend specialist appts via cell phone to ensure your child gets the best care. 

Continuity of Care

In Home Care

I understand that it is hard to have a newborn and I want to see the littles in their home environments to better support mom and babies. This type of support includes my certified lactation services.

In Home Care

Price Transparency

There are no hidden fees or copays. The affordable monthly price allows a family to budget for their medical care. With better medical care, you'll need fewer expensive tests, treatments, and have fewer ER visits and reduced medical complications. 

Price Transparency


I had several miscarriages before I finally had a pregnancy that seemed like it would go the distance. I was a nervous wreck as the pregnancy progressed with so many questions about how things would go once my baby was born. Dr. Balduzzi let me schedule an appointment with her before I was due and explained everything. I was at peace after speaking with her and knew she was the best pediatrician I could have asked for as a new (super scared) Mom to be. Once my son was born I knew without a doubt he was in the best hands with Dr. B. She always made time to explain things and answer any of our questions (no matter how late at night). Not to mention she interacted with my baby as if he were her own. If you are fortunate enough to have Dr. B as your child’s pediatrician you will never regret it! I went on to have another baby and all along the way she was patient and super supportive. With Dr. B. you truly will feel like you have a doctor who makes time for you and your family and will always keep it real with her advice and recommendations. Dr. B has set the bar so high with the quality of care she provides I doubt there is anyone else like her! Thanks Dr. Balduzzi.

- Lindsey, Mom of 2

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