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Bundles of Care

In Home Support until 2 months

Certified Lactation Support 

Sleeping Training Consultation

Infant Feeding

Developmental Guidance 

4th Trimester Package available for patients who just need a little extra support after birth but plan to follow with another pediatrician



Prenatal - 12 months

In Home Support until 2 months

Certified Lactation Support 

Sleeping Training Consultation

Infant Feeding

Developmental Guidance 

4th Trimester Package available for patients who just need a little extra support after birth but plan to follow with another pediatrician

Detailed Developmental Assessments

Sleeping Training Consultation

Toddler Feeding Advice

Behavioral Modification Strategies 



12 - 36 months

Sleep Training

Detailed Developmental Assessments 

School Readiness

Behavioral Consultations

Nutritional Eating

Potty Training



3 - 6 years

Behavioral Assessments

ADHD Assessments

School Guidance 

Class Talks

Puberty Discussions

Custom Acne Plans



6 years+

Families with 3 or more kids can qualify for a family plan.  

Contact directly for pricing


Family Plan 3+ kids

What You Get

  • Well & Sports Physicals​​

  • Same-Day Sick Appointments

    • Flexible scheduling for working parents​

    • Unlimited sick appointments

    • No copay/deductible​

  • Immediate Access to me

  • Home Visits Available

    • Sick and Well visits upon request

    • Newborn visits always at home

  • Certified Lactation Services

    • In-home or in my private office​

    • Tongue-tie repair (Frenulectomy)($)

  • Sleep Training Consultations

  • Form Completion

    • School/Sports/Camp​/Medication

  • Wart and Molluscum Treatment

    • Cryotherapy or Cantharidin options​

  • Acne (Accutane) Treatment ($)

  • Ear Wax Removal

  • Minor Wound Treatment

    • Incision and drainage of minor abscesses

    • Minor suture/glue or staple repair

    • Stitch and staple removal

  • Infant Nail Trimming

  • In-Office Labs

    • Strep Testing

    • Urinalysis

    • Hemoglobin

    • COVID Rapid Testing ($)

  • Spot digital vision screening​, 6months +

  • Medical Ear Piercing ($)​​ 

       ($) Extra Charge 

  • Why do I need you as my pediatrician?
    I aim to be a part of your family. I provide more than just a once a year well check-up. Even if your child is healthy, I strive to keep them that way. With me as your pediatrician, there is plenty of time to discuss feeding/nutrition, sleep training, mental health, puberty and academics. Like you, I will be another advocate for your child.
  • What about insurance?
    I work for you — not insurance companies. I do not accept nor participate in, or bill any insurance plans and am considered an out-of-network provider. I use direct care or membership model, allowing me to see families free from traditional medicine constraints. You will need continue your insurance coverage to cover immunizations, potential hospital, surgical or specialist bills. Your insurance info will be collected and used for outside labs, radiology, vaccinations and medications. I will provide all your Primary Care needs for the set monthly fee. I recommend that you speak with your insurance agent to decide on the best plan for you once you choose to proceed with my office. Often, families joining a Direct Primary Care Office choose a high deductible PPO plan. At this time I cannot see patients that have Medi-cal, HPSJ, Kaiser, Sutter or any HMO plans as their primary insurance as being out of network these plans restrict how and who can care for their subscribers.
  • What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)/No Insurance?
    DPC is an old school medicine practice with modern technology. It's a model that puts the doctor-patient relationship first. It eliminates the restrictions of insurance and treating patients like numbers. In the traditional fee for service model, the expenses you pay as a patient go directly to insurance, which is why prices continue to climb for routine care. Hopefully, the DPC movement will continue to expand and prove to be the best model to care for families.
  • What is covered in your membership?
    • Well checks & sports physicals • Unlimited sick appointments • Lactation services • Sleep consultations • Primary mental health services, including, but not limited to ADHD diagnosis and treatment • 24/7 access to me via phone, email or text • In-house labs • Minor procedures; warts, molluscum, abscess, suture or staple removal • School, sports and educational forms • Personalized treatment plans • Also included will be educational talks and events: Paint nights, Time out parent night, sleep lectures, puberty talks, etc. Discussions will be tailored based on needs • Special invites for your kiddo to community events
  • How do vaccines work?
    I strictly follow the vaccination schedule approved by the AAP and CDC. I will not accept non-vaccinating families. For PPO insurances vaccines will be billed under your medical insurance and administered by myself in the office or your home. If you have a limited insurance plan (HMO), Tricare or Sutter Plans you will need to pay for vaccines outside of insurance (cash) or can make an appointment with your HMO provider to recieve them but that may require a visit with them.
  • What if my child needs a referral?
    I will help facilitate your child’s appointment with any needed specialists. Individual insurance plans may require that you receive a referral to specific specialists, but this will be discussed before joining the practice.
  • Can I afford this personalized care?
    Yes! There is a one-time $100 family enrollment fee, and after that, a monthly fee is based on your child's age. The monthly payment is less than a Starbucks a day. There are no hidden fees. I think of it like a gym membership with an excellent and involved personal trainer. In traditional corporate medicine, a single lactation visit is $150, co-pays for visits are anywhere from $20-100, form completion is $20, and home visits don't exist. With Balduzzi Pediatrics, ALL of these things are included in your small monthly fee! You can pay monthly or yearly!
  • How do I join?
    Fill out the contact info and preferred contact method, and I will contact you! We can set up a complimentary consultation to decide if direct care is a good fit. I have a limited practice size and keep each age group at a certain level, so families will go on a waitlist once full.
  • Can I cancel my membership?
    Yes. A 30-day notice is required. There may be a re-enrollment fee with returning patients.
  • Can I have a one-time visit?
    I believe in continuity of care — so one-time visits are not available. I plan to offer lactation and sleep consultation packages for non-members in the future.
  • Will you take care of my child at the hospital?
    Incredible pediatric hospitalists staff our local hospitals, so you will be in good hands during your stay. I will be available for social visits and help with coordination of care once outside the hospital. I also plan to do hospital lactation visits for families who have signed up before delivery.
  • Is there a discount for large families?
    Yes! I will work with families with 3+ kids to determine the best package.
  • Safety during Covid?
    There is no waiting room at Balduzzi Pediatrics. I will be cleaning the private office between each family, and all toys will be changed out. There will be a required mask rule for everyone over age two years old. All community events, (yoga, music, storytime) inside the office are for Covid vaccinated parents/caregivers to keep the little ones safe while they have fun.
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